Mixed Race Therapy

To be understood. To Share. To Know

What is Mixed Race Therapy?

Mixed Race Therapy is therapy for those that identify as being, or are of mixed heritage.

Along my journey as a counsellor, I have found that many Mixed Race people want to speak to another Mixed Race person to have counselling, however, finding a Mixed Race counsellor can be difficult.

Being Mixed Race is a very different experience than if you are born into a family where everyone is the same race and you all look alike. There are lots of things that a Mixed Race person may find themselves having to navigate. Identity, culture, conflict, internalised racism, working out where you may fit in society. 

In Mixed Race therapy, it is an opportunity to speak openly about all the issues you have found whilst being Mixed Race. You are also able to speak about other issues too, the only difference is that you will be speaking to a Mixed race counsellor who understands and gets it.

The Mixed Race Experience Support Group will be coming back soon. If you'd like to hear more, click the button below.

I am a parent with Mixed Race children, can I come to therapy too?

Being the parent of Mixed Race can be difficult and bring up it's own challenges. If you would like to speak with me in sessions about this you are welcome to contact me. 

I will be setting up a support group for parents at a later date, if you'd like to hear about this when it is set up, please get in contact.