The Mixed Race Experience Therapy Support Group

Support through shared experience.


In The Mixed Race Experience Therapy Support Group, you will be able to explore identity, difference, and your experience of what it means to be Mixed Race*

Why The Mixed Race Experience Therapy Support Group?

As a Mixed Race person myself, I know the importance of being able to speak to people who look like you or have had similar experiences to you. Growing up as a Mixed Race person is a different experience to those that are one race/ethinicity. 

There are different challenges and experiences to navigate.

This group will allow you to explore topics that are related to your experiences of being Mixed Race, whilst connecting them to emotions, thoughts and feelings.

The group is a safe and confidential space to share freely

Who is it for?

  • 18+

  • Come from any mixed background/heritage

What will we talk about?

There is no one thing that we will talk about, but it may include;

  • Identity

  • Identifying terms

  • Relationships

  • Parents

  • Family

  • Peers

  • Conflict


The group will allow you to bring the content, whilst being guided through it with some structure each week

How does it work?

  • Before you start we will meet for a chat where you can ask me any questions you have  

  • The group will meet weekly for 6 weeks 

  • There will be no more than 8 people in a group

  • There will be a waiting list for those who wish to join if the group is full

Dates and Costs

Where: Zoom

Cost: £25 per week

The most recent group has now come to an end. If you would like to

register your interest to hear more about the next group please use the contact form below

*other identifying terms also apply, e.g. Biracial, Dual Heritage, Mixed Heritage. Identifying terms will be explored further within the group

Register Your Interest

You will be contacted to book a chat with me to hear about how to join the group