Where I work


I currently do the majority of my work remotely on Zoom so you do not have to be local to London, this can be great if:

  • Your time is limited due to work or home commitments

  • You have mobility limitations that may mean you cannot attend in person

  • You travel a lot

The sessions remain secure and confidential.

Outdoor Therapy

I currently am able to offer sessions within an allotment in Catford. The allotment is mostly quiet, and is a peaceful space.


I offer walk and talk therapy that can take place in Mayow Park, Manor House Gardens or the neighbouring streets of both parks

There may scope to do this type of therapy at other local parks within the Lewisham borough so do enquire.

With this type of therapy, there is no control over who will hear as we will be in a public space. However, we will be on the move walking at a slow and steady pace.

Both of these settings are weather dependent.